We’re leaving!

LEAVE clean purpinkThis website’s work is done and it will close down soon.

Here’s the last post from referendum day itself:

The campaigning is almost over and it’s interesting how the people I’ve been talking to at bus stops or doing their shopping in New Cross, Deptford, Bellingham and Catford are overwhelmingly voting to Leave. The people getting off the trains from London after work, however, are mainly not interested or voting remain.

Some people understand the problems with the EU but can’t bring themselves to vote the same way as Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and say they fear the rise of the right if we leave the EU – conveniently ignoring the fact that Cameron, Osborne and Blair are campaigning for us to continue to be denied our democratic rights.

Privatisation of health, education, prisons, transport, postal services – it’s all in the EU’s medium term plan and they find willing partners here to carry it out.

A vote to leave isn’t the end of the matter – we’ll still have to campaign for all the things we need to make Britain a fairer place to live for all its people, including recent immigrants. We’ll have to rebuild manufacturing industry, cut the financial services sector down to size and introduce a fairer tax system as well as clamp down on tax evasion by the very rich.

Everyone knows the EU is a gravy train for the careerists, wined and dined by lobbyists for the fat cats. We have a chance to put a stop to it and be the spark that ignites a citizens’ revolt across the continent to sweep away the corruption and bullying that is engrained in the EU.

John Hamilton,

Campaign Co-ordinator for People Before Profit.